4 Nov 2011


Every time I listen the song "Working class hero", sung by Cindy Lauper in John Lennon's Tribute, a great emotion overwhelms me, with the memory in my heart of our bodies tight, longing for love and desire. This is the poem, the first poem to open this blog, I wrote thinking in those moments so wonderful.


I'd like loving you
with same passion as Cindy Lauper
sang Working Class Hero
in Lennon's Tribute.
Wishing that my hands touch your skin
like a glove of silk, like a voice
crossing all the skies
to pray for the miracle of being your man.

I'd like kissing you
with same devotion as Cindy Lauper
put in every word, in every step
to the real inspiration for living.
Wishing that my lips leave in your neck
a verse to be repeated at any moment,
at any time I need to remember
how hard is living far from you.

I'd like making love to you
with same energy as Cindy Lauper
left on the stage:
delivering soul in every note.
Wishing that my chest is the fortress
where you feel loved and saved,
where you cry of happiness
when Cindy Lauper sings our song.

by José Luis García Herrera

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